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Nov. 26, 2020

Since Porsche dropped the last elements of the camouflage from the test cars 911 GT3 2021, brand fans were looking forward to official details. These details are now available. They are revealed by Porsche GT's head of division Andreas Preuninger.

In an exclusive preview with Henry Catchpol from Carfection, the Porsche GT boss shares the first information about the GT3 based on 992, starting with the new car "incredibly fast" at the Nurburgring.

I can't say how fast, but some mouths will be wide open," Preuninger said. The new Porsche 911 GT3 benefits from the new 992 chassis. In fact, it's the first road-approved Porsche with a front double transverse arm, showing a completely new track-oriented sports car design.

Preuninger repeated that the larger size of the new product compared to the last 911 GT3 has not affected the weight change. The total weight of the new GT3 is about 1,430 kg, but this figure includes all refillable liquids.

I am proud that the car is not heavier than its predecessor, despite the fact that it is a little bigger, - he said.

What about the new rear anti wing type "goose neck", Preuninger said that their choice was based solely on its aerodynamic advantages. Now they can take advantage of the entire lower part of the wing.

In combination with a small duck tail spoiler, we can create a large downforce without an excessive angle of attack that slows down the machine. We wanted this machine to be fast and on the autobahn," he says.

The hood will be an improved version of the noninflat six-cylinder engine installed in cars such as the last 911 Speedster. Customers will receive a manual gearbox version in addition to the PDK double clutch unit.

The official preview of the new 911 GT3 means that Porsche will not make the official show long.

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