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Historically, the new Bentley Flying Spur

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July 8, 2020

Flying Spur means "flying spur". The name may seem strange, but in such references to history there is the spirit of Bentley: this symbol was depicted on the coat of arms of one of the creators of the four-door sports coupe Bentley S1 Flying Spur, released in 1957.

The modern version of the Flying Spur has been available since 2005. In 2019, the third generation of the model was presented, and in early 2020 a chic sedan was shown in Ukraine.

The third generation is built on a new platform MSB, common with Porsche Panamera. Wheelbase of the car has increased by 130 mm, which made the interior even more spacious. The engine has also been updated - now the 6-liter W-12 accelerates this huge car to a hundred in 3.7 seconds. (The last generation is 4.4 seconds, little things, but nice).

Last year, Bentley Motors turned exactly 100. The new Bentley Flying Spur miraculously combines the fundamentality of the classics with the rapidity of modernity. Sculptural, sporty and, at the same time, elegant silhouette, relief lines of the body, huge 22-inch wheels. From the latest generation the novelty can be distinguished by larger, "crystal" matrix headlights, rear lights with a luminous letter B, more massive grille. Small detail: the statuette in the form of winged letter B on the hood with crystal inserts is illuminated in the dark and hides inside the hood when the corresponding button on the control panel is pressed.

The manual interior trim exceeds all expectations. Exclusive leather, exquisite embroidery, lacquered wood - every detail here highlights the owner's status. The 3D leather on the doors deserves special mention - such an interior element is used for the first time.

All seats are equipped with heating and ventilation functions, massage and individual tilt adjustment. Passengers in the rear row, where the owner of such a car usually sits, can control the climate control, music and other functions through the touch screen display and two removable tablets with Internet access, attached to the backrests of the front seats. The atmosphere in the cabin can be adjusted to suit the mood with an individual lighting system.

And in front of the driver - a whole flight control center in the form of a huge (12.3 inches) touch screen multimedia system and fully digital dashboard, with data projected on the windshield. The main screen rotates around its axis and can optionally be replaced by an elegant dial with a traditional clock.

Interestingly, the rear wheels of the Bentley Flying Spur also rotate. At low speed - in the opposite direction from the front, at high speed - the same thing. In the first case, it allows to improve maneuverability of this long (5316 m) car, and in the second - its stability at high-speed turns.

Here are all-wheel drive, active air suspension, changing the settings depending on the driving mode, and electromechanical stabilizers of transverse stability. The result is that the Bentley Flying Spur stays on the road with the same monumental confidence that is inherent to its appearance.

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