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July 20, 2020

The first spy photos of the electric car BMW i7 appeared in November 2019, but then the so-called mule was taken: the body of the current generation BMW 7-series was used to test the components of the future electric car. The new photos published by Motor1 show a prototype of an electric sedan already in the serial body. Unfortunately, the presence of camouflage film does not allow you to see the car in the smallest detail, but even camouflage does not hide cameras and sensors that provide autonomous control systems. One of the cameras is installed directly above the grille, the other - on the front fenders and in the antenna "fin". Presumably, the cameras are also installed along door sills.

Rumor has it that the i7 will get an autonomous control system of the third level, i.e. the car will be able to maneuver, reconstruct and overtake the cars connected with it on its own, but the driver must be ready to take over the control at any moment. Externally, the electric BMW 7 Series will stand out with its front body, slightly offset optics and door handles in a new design.

There is no official information about the technical "stuffing" of the electric car at the moment. The provisionally basic version of the BMW i7 will be equipped with two electric motors with a total power of about 550 hp and a battery of 100 kWh. The WLTP range will be about 580 km. According to insider information, the Bavarians are also preparing a "hot" version of the sedan - i7S with two electric motors with a total power of about 670 hp and a battery of 120 kWh, providing a range of 580 km. Also, the electric sedan will have a quick charge system, presumably similar to the 800-volt system used in Porsche Taycan.

In our opinion, electric cars will be an irreplaceable part of our life for a couple more years, but it is necessary to improve the range, charging speed and then we can end the era of gasoline and diesel engines.

Also, electric cars require much less care than cars with internal combustion engines, which is elementary due to the lack of an engine that has a lot of parts, mechanisms and gearbox.

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