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July 6, 2020

On July 1, European BMW dealers sell cars with an updated operating system iDrive 7. Basic versions, in which a number of options are not available, have the opportunity to connect them when subscribing. This list includes seat heater, adaptive cruise control, high beam assistant and adaptive suspension.

There is now, buying an inexpensive version of the BMW model, you buy a machine in which the whole set of expensive options is physically present, but they are disabled programmatically. Lockout can be removed by updating your system via the Internet. Subscription options are available both for a selected period and on a permanent basis, with permanent connection of the desired function.

A virtual key available to owners of iPhones and allowing them to open the car with the help of a phone has also appeared on BMW cars released since July 1.

BMW have made a good monetization of their updates to machines, ideas are certainly not the newest and there are already such updates on the market. For example, at TESLA. They speed up their cars through updates and add range, but they are electric cars and it is expected of them, but BMW has moved on. On the one hand, it's very cool that you can buy a car without these features an order of magnitude cheaper, but the question is how much this subscription will cost and what features they will still include. The other question is how adequate it will all work and whether you can just buy a cheap version of the car, go to the garages to connect it all to you.

About Apple practice, there are smart guys who crack their systems and can install anything for free, will not be the same with BMW? It is clear that they can put 500 levels of protection, but if they cut off the machine from the Internet and will not be served by official dealers as will be then? It's very interesting how the BMW will deal with this.

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