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Sept. 15, 2020

French car maker Citroen presented a two-seater electric car Citroen Ami.

The car was equipped with a lithium-ion battery of 5.5 kWh. The battery allows the electric car to travel up to 70 km without recharging.

The battery is fully charged in 3 hours at a filling station with a voltage of 220 V. The maximum speed of Citro¸n Ami is 45 km/h.

The cost of the car is 6 thousand euros. In addition, it can be taken on a long-term lease for 19.99 euros per month with a one-time payment of 2644 euros.

The first orders the company plans to take from March 30 in France. And in a few months - in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Germany.

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