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Aug. 25, 2020

80 km/h and 280 km power reserve: new Ukrainian electric bike

Ukrainian company Delfast has started accepting orders in Ukraine Cross Dirt electric bike with an autonomy up to 280 km, the company's website reported.

The electric bike is available in two versions - with lithium batteries of 1920 mAh or 2760 mAh capacity. 4-hour charging provides 120 km of autonomous driving (with 1920 mAh battery) or 280 km (with 2760 mAh battery). Weight depending on the battery is 55 kg or 62 kg. It can carry passenger weights of up to 135 kg.

The 3000 W electric motor provides a maximum speed of 80 km/h . For safer and more legal driving on city streets, lower speed modes can be set.

Delfast is now accepting advance orders. An electric bike with a smaller battery capacity costs 3,699 euros. Once on sale the price will rise to 4699 euros. The price of a bike with a higher battery capacity will cost 339 euros more.

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