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Aug. 20, 2020

Cross Turismo will premiere in 2020.

Prototypes of the all-terrain version of the electric car Porsche Taycan have been caught by our spies many times, but this particular specimen is interesting because it has almost no disguise. We noticed the car on the Nurburgring autodrome.

The design of the front mask of the Taycan Cross Turismo is almost the same as the sedan. In profile, it is more a "barn" than a crossover: in fact, Porsche is preparing a duet like Panamera/Panamera Sport Turismo. At the same time, it was previously reported that the family of "Taicans" will include all-terrain vehicle and station wagon, but there is still no new information on this issue. Giant fake lanterns are still painted on the back.

The power units will almost certainly be borrowed from the four-door model without changes. Therefore, we can talk about two-engine versions with power from 530 to 761 hp. At the same time in China, the sedan has already received a pair of rear-wheel drive modifications for 408 and 476 hp, but it is still unclear whether they will be sold in other countries and whether Cross Turismo will have similar versions.

The manufacturer has repeatedly confirmed that the world premiere of Taycan Cross Turismo will be held until the end of 2020. Most likely, after entering the market, the cross-versa will immediately get all those options and improvements that went to the sedan during the update held the day before.

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