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Sept. 29, 2020

The press service of the South Korean brand has published a video, which shows a sedan Hyundai Elantra in the racing version of N TCR. At the end of the video we glimpse a less powerful version of the Hyundai Elantra N, which is allowed to travel on public roads.

It has been a little over 12 hours since Hyundai introduced its latest race car Elantra N TCR. We know that there is a less powerful version in development that is allowed to travel on public roads. We've seen "spy" pictures of Elantra with large double exhaust pipes and large spoiler sizes. However, a video published by the press service of the car manufacturer shows Elantra N for the first time.

We do not expect the car to differ significantly from the Elantra N Line, although the Elantra TCR's false grille is not as wide and "toothed" as the standard car. We see that a production car, at least, has a "toothed face". At least we think that the corner air intakes at the bottom will be different from those in the N Line version.

Spy photos show large double exhaust openings at each corner of the rear bumper, as well as a noticeable fixed spoiler on the trunk lid. Under the hood will be 275-horsepower engine. Power is expected to be transmitted to the front wheels either through a six-speed manual transmission or through an eight-speed automatic double-clutch transmission.

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