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The Ford F-150 is a hybrid pickup truck

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June 29, 2020

14 generation of one of the most popular pickups - Ford F-150. It is presented immediately with a hybrid installation.

Hybrid is complete and it's the only such offer in the class. PowerBoost Full Hybrid is a V6 3.5 EcoBoost motor with two turbochargers and a 35-kilowatt (47 hp) electric motor built into a 10-speed automatic machine. Americans do not give all the characteristics of the car, but indicate that a pickup truck can travel about 1126 km on one tank. Another F-150 is able to pull a trailer weighing 5443 kg. The PowerBoost system is available in all levels of kitting (from XL to Limited) and can be combined with both rear and all-wheel drive. In the second case, the pickup receives a rear differential with electronic axle locking.

Other engines are petrol V6 3.3 Ti-VCT FFV, V6 2.7 EcoBoost, V8 5.0 Ti-VCT and V6 3.5 EcoBoost plus a V6 3.0 Power Stroke diesel. These engines will be announced later. Depending on the engine, cab and platform, the fuel tank capacity ranges from 87 to 136 liters. All these engines are combined with only 10 speed automatic. The drive is rear or full drive. In case of all-wheel drive, the rear differential can be free or with electronic lock. The F-150 chassis develops the design of its predecessor: frame made of high-strength steel, body panels made of aluminum alloy, front suspension on double transverse levers with shock-absorbing spring blocks of Coil-over type, rear - rigid axle on springs.

As hundreds of thousands of Americans choose the F-150 to work with, the creators of the new generation have paid a lot of attention to useful devices and systems. So, as an option, the pickup is available to power external equipment. This is a set of AC outlets inside and on a cargo platform. For non-hybrid modifications the load on them is limited by the level of two kilowatts, which is also quite good.

The cargo platform can have up to four outlets. Clamp fittings for the rear side as a workbench are standard on the pickup. An optional Tailgate Work Surface with integrated ruler and holders for mobile devices, mugs and pencils is available.

In particular, while the pickup truck is moving from one place of work to another, you can charge the batteries of drills and saws, or batteries of electric bicycles supplied to the body, power a large fridge, etc. from these outlets. Quite a good company decided to upgrade their pickup truck and the fact that it is now a hybrid, a big enough step for large American cars.

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