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Oct. 8, 2020

Honda Ridgeline pickup truck was seriously renewed in the new prayer year. With this upgrade, the Japanese brand plans to make the model even more attractive for customers.

The outgoing Honda Ridgeline was decorated in the spirit of today's popular crossovers. The updated pickup has become tougher and more aggressive.

Honda began to use a new sheet metal, passed the hood of the pickup, making it more convex, changed the fenders, updated LED headlights and put a new radiator grille, as well as twin exhaust pipes. In some versions, the exterior of the updated pickup is complemented by a chrome decor and a glossy black bar connecting the headlights.

Regardless of the configuration, the pickup gets new 18-inch rims, which are stiffer.

The photo shows Honda Ridgeline 2021 pickup with Honda Performance Development package. This is indicated by the disks "under the bronze".

It will also be possible to purchase the Honda Performance Development (HPD) package. This is the original grille, black wing spreaders, bronze discs and a special HPD graphics.

The salon has also changed: new multimedia with a physical volume control knob, in the Sport version there are chairs with fabric inserts and a contrast stitching, etc. The technical part of the update has not been affected. Standard engine: VTEC V6 of 3,5 liters with an output of 280 hp and 355 Nm of torque, combined with 9ACPP. In the Honda Ridgeline base it is front-drive, but all-wheel drive is also available.

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