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Jeep Wrangler, which is six times cheaper?

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Oct. 5, 2020

Indian "clone" Jeep Wrangler was much more affordable than the original model.

Indian firm Mahindra opened the price list and announced the beginning of sales of a new frame SUV Thar - a local copy of Jeep Wrangler. All-terrain vehicle turned out to be six times cheaper than the original: prices for the Mahindra Thar start from 980 thousand rupees, while a four-door Jeep Wrangler in India costs from 6 million 394 thousand rupees.

New all-terrain vehicle Mahindra is similar to Wrangler conceptually and externally, but technically Thar has nothing in common with the Jeep model. Indian "clone" is a little more compact (length - only 3985 millimeters), produced exclusively with a two-door body and can be equipped with a diesel engine, while the Wrangler on the local market is available only with a gasoline engine.

SUVs have a lot in common: frame construction, removable doors and roof, rigid all-wheel drive with reduction gear, as well as excellent geometric cross-country ability. The Mahindra Thar has an independent two-lever front suspension and a standard rear differential lock. On the domestic market, the model is available in thirteen versions and two sets.

Indian off-road vehicle in AX version is available only with 6-speed "mechanics" made by Mahindra. Basic Thar with a gasoline 150 hp (320 Nm) 2.0-liter engine, steel 16-inch disks, power windows, two airbags, air conditioning, cloth top and a six-seater cabin with "army" shops installed at the back will cost 980 thousand rupees. Modifications with 2.2-liter 130 hp (300 Nm) diesel engine cost from 1 million 85 thousand rupees.

Richly equipped LX SUVs have a quadruple cabin, hard roof, media system with 7-inch touch screen, multi-touch screen, on-board computer, tire pressure sensors, LED optics, front seats with eight-band electric adjustment, cruise control and 18-inch alloy wheels. In addition, the Thar LX can be ordered with a 6-step "automatic" Punch.

Prices for the Mahindra Thar LX range from 1 million 249 thousand rupees for the hard top, gasoline engine and mechanic version to 1 million 365 thousand rupees for the most equipped off-road vehicle with diesel, automatic and folding roof.

Deliveries of the second generation Mahindra Thar will begin on November 1. There is no doubt that the SUV will become a bestseller in India, because the competitors of the model are much more expensive. Export deliveries of new Mahindra Thar are not excluded, and the "clone" Wrangler may appear in the homeland of the original model - in the U.S.

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