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June 23, 2020

Nikola Motor introduced the concept of the Badger pickup truck, combining electric car technology and a hydrogen engine.

Vehicle Features:

According to the creators, Badger must surpass all electric pickups on the market and at the same time all pickups with internal combustion engines in their class.

The public premiere of the pre-production Badger will be held in September at the Nikola World 2020 event.

It is assumed that the first 460 km of Badger drives like an ordinary electric car, then a 120 kW fuel cell installation comes into play, for which 8 kilograms of hydrogen are stored on board. However, you can switch between modes with the click of a button.

Among other things, Badger will receive a socket for tools, lighting fixtures and compressors, capable of working without a generator for 12 hours.

Pre-order will be accepted from June 29, 2020.

The official Twitter account of the company announced that 3 packages of Badger pickup pre-order packages will be available for buyers. When you make an amount of $ 250, the buyer will receive a discount of $ 500 to buy a car. In addition, the pre-order package will include a ticket for the Nikola World 2020 event, where you can watch the car in person. The second set of pre-order - $ 1000. For its design, in the future, a discount of $ 2000 will be available when buying a car. The package also includes invitations to the Nikola World 2020 event and 4 tickets to draw a car.

The third pre-order package is $ 5000. After registration, the company will give a discount of $ 7500 for the purchase of a Badger pickup truck of the special Founder series. The set will also include two tickets for the Nikola World 2020 event and 25 tickets for participating in the draw. In our opinion, this pickup will be a worthy competitor to Tesla and their cyberpunk, but since a new energy source, in the form of hydrogen, is used, time will have to pass when it becomes convenient and practical.

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