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June 26, 2020

Lexus has abandoned the LC F version.

Lexus analyzed the economic situation that has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, calculated the financial losses, as well as studied the market prospects of the future novelty and found the image of the sports car LC F too expensive and inappropriate.

The plans to throw the glove to the best European grand tours were hatched by the Japanese company long ago: the first time the prototype of the supercomputer was photographed two years ago. LC F was to offer customers not only comfort, but also outstanding dynamic performance, becoming the fastest Lexus model in history.

Unfortunately, the plans didn't come true. However, there is good news: the company has no plans to roll back the development of the new 4.0-liter V8 engine with two turbochargers, as it was planned to put it not only on the most powerful version of the LC, but also on other models of Lexus and Toyota. When this engine comes out, it's not specified yet. The Lexus LC F is quite a good competitor for the BMW 8-series and could play a good role in sports cars.

The LC 500 has a 477hp V8 5.0 (540 N-m) atmospheric engine, paired with a ten-stage "automatic". LC F under the hood should have about 630 hp and 640 N-m and a similar transmission. In Lexus company it is difficult to refuse such a good unit that on the design side, that on the technical side.

After the restyling the Lc 500 model has received many new parameters, but the most noticeable was the changes in the body. So the front part is distinguished by the original forms of LED optics, sports construction of the hood and windshield. The sporting mood is not accidental, it continues in a dodger made of carbon fiber and in diffusers for cooling the brakes.

The appearance of the car is more suitable than ever for its character - audacious and sporty. The creators of the car left the lines that were used to round off, thus defying the world and creating a masterpiece. At the same time, the new colors of Lexus incredibly effectively emphasize its character and enhance the overall impression of the car.

But that's in the past. We hope that Lexus will delight us with similar cars in the future.

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