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Aug. 19, 2020

Mercedes-AMG reported on the successful completion of the Project One hypercar test bench in September 2018 - a year after the premiere of the corresponding concept. But, as we know, the adaptation of the "formula" motor for a civilian car was a more difficult task than the manufacturer had originally anticipated.

Now the Mercedes has once again announced that it is almost finished with the stands and has moved on to ride tests on tracks: several pre-production cars are now cutting circles in the technology center in Immendingen (Germany). On this occasion, the company shared photos and videos. Alas, camouflage on a hypercar is no less there than on spy shots, which we have already seen this summer.

Also in the sports division of Mercedes-Benz said that the leaders of Project One for the first time gave permission to test a hybrid power plant. Recall that the latter, in addition to borrowed from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas 1.6-liter V6, includes four electric motors and 800-volt battery - also "formula».

The manufacturer has once again recalled the difficulties encountered in adapting racing technology to public roads. Noise insulation and the possibility of driving in full electric mode were also mentioned among the problematic aspects. Earlier, the company promised a modest driving range of 25 km with the combustion engine off, mainly due to a particularly efficient energy recovery system, rather than the capacity of the battery pack itself.

In addition, Mercedes-AMG said that at a new stage of testing, special attention is paid to the work of active aerodynamic cells, and in parallel, research continues at its headquarters in Affalterbach. It is worth mentioning here that originally Project One was created in a digital environment, but virtual engineering, of course, can not be limited.

Finally, the Germans have announced that the next stage of Project One's extensive development and testing program will be the Nurburgring races. And it will surely warm up the rumors about AMG specialists' desire to set a new record of the famous track.

The new premiere date has not been announced yet, so we are still waiting for the beginning of deliveries in 2021. All 275 hypercars planned for production have long been sold at 2,275,000 euros per piece. As a bonus, each owner will be entitled to purchase a special version of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series.

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