Mercedes-Benz can replace C an

Mercedes-Benz can replace C and E-class coupe

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July 28, 2020

Faced with the ambiguous situation in the global automotive market, the company once announced its intention to "simplify" its model range (and, accordingly, reduce production costs) - that is, to abandon a number of niche cars with a small audience and those models based on individual platforms.

At the same time, the latest data on Mercedes-Benz plans do not really fit with this strategy. The Italian edition of states that in 2023 the company plans to introduce to the market a completely new model with the CLE index. It is expected to take the average position between the current "four-door coupe" CLA and CLS.

Better than that, in time for CLA are going to increase the range of bodies at the expense of the universal (apparently, the next shunt-break), coupe and even a convertible. Thus, the novelty will replace the current coupe and convertibles of C- and E-class (the latter have recently survived the planned restyling). According to rumors, Mercedes-Benz CLE will be available with both rear and all-wheel drive, and the basis of the motor range will be "soft hybrids" based on a two-liter "turbof four".

Class family should change generation this year, and thanks to the photo spy, we know that the tests have already taken both sedan and station wagon. The presence in the model lineup of two universes comparable in size at once does not look particularly logical solution. But on the other hand, it is not excluded that the first prototypes of the future novelty are tested in the five-door body of the supposedly new C-class.

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