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July 9, 2020

The official premiere of the new generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan (index W223) will take place in early September 2020 in Sindelfingen, Germany. So far, the manufacturer has decided to share information about the salon of the novelty and branded multimedia complex MBUX second generation, which will make its debut with the sedan. Front panel teaser of the new S-Class with a dominant tablet-like monitor of the MBUX multimedia system, the company has published ahead of an online event held today on the media platform Mercedes me.

The new S-Class has received a completely revised salon. Compared to the current generation, the number of mechanical buttons and switches has been reduced by 27. Most functions can be controlled by tapping, flipping or voice commands. The only exceptions are the adjustment of the head optics and "wipers". The climate control panel is placed on the bottom of the central display, where it will be permanently located for quick access.

In total, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class will have up to five displays available: a digital "instrument", 12.8-inch multimedia display and three displays for passengers in the second row. The central display will feature OLED technology and tactile feedback. The virtual dashboard is capable of generating a 3D image that does not require special glasses for perception. The driver also has an augmented reality projection display (AR) for navigation and driving assistance systems. Its display area is comparable to a 77-inch motonitor mounted 10 meters in front of the car.

The enhanced voice control system is now capable of recognising 27 languages, with indirect and even background speech declared. The system uses several microphones mounted in different locations to determine which passenger has spoken a particular phrase.

A new portion of information about the next Mercedes-Benz S-Class will appear on July 29. Then they promise to tell you about safety and comfort. In general, the sedan advertising campaign will consist of three parts. The last, third part, devoted to the interior, will be released on August 12.

Source: Mercedes-Benz.

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