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July 22, 2020

The Mustang Mach-E 1400 crossover will take part in drifting and even perform in the NASCAR championship.

Ford Performance and the tuning company RTR Vehicles presented the Mustang Mach-E 1400 racing electric car. Created on the basis of the future crossover Mustang Mach-E, this car is just a little bit like the serial original.

The car received seven electric motors with a total power of 1400 horsepower, which is reflected in the name. Three engines are in the front and four in the rear. The car can be adjusted so that it rides only on the front drive, only on the rear drive, or all-wheel drive.

The body has also been modified. The outer panels have been replaced by plastic ones, and the huge rear antifender creates one tonne of downforce at 161 kilometres per hour.

The car has a nickel-magnesium-cobalt battery with a capacity of 56.8 kilowatt-hours, which is comparable to the capacity of batteries of Formula E cars. The company does not disclose the power reserve, but lighter and less powerful cars of such batteries are enough for 100 kilometers in the race pace.

However, Ford hinted at the possibility of rapid recharging during pit stops, because the car has a separate system of cooling the batteries while charging with high power.

Mustang Mach-E also boasts an efficient power recovery system, ABS system, and Brembo mechanical brakes. The car is also equipped with an adjustable anti-tracking system.

Ford promises to exhibit the Mustang Mach E-1400 in NASCAR competitions very soon, but does not specify in which division. Also the car will be able to participate in competitions on drift.

It is very interesting, how such a car will show itself in sports competitions. Characteristics will be very impressive, because electric motors give a hell of a traction and very fast acceleration, there is every chance to climb the nightstand in competitions as in Drift, and in NASCAR.

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