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Sept. 14, 2020

Tesla plans to update the Model 3

According to rumors that have appeared in the Chinese segment of the Internet, the Tesla company will soon conduct a significant update of the sedan Model 3. The car will receive new options, and restyling will affect both the cars from the factory in Shanghai and those manufactured in California, at the factory in Fremont.

Externally, the updated car will be distinguished by altered headlights and rear lights, as well as the lack of chrome parts on the body. Inside, there will be a new steering wheel and an updated central console.

The most important thing is hidden from the eye. As we expected, the car will get a new cooling system and a heat pump that will replace the ordinary electric oven. This device spends several times less energy from the battery to heat the interior.

The Model 3 will also receive double side windows, which will significantly improve the noise insulation of the interior. Finally, the trunk lid will have an electric drive, most likely as an option. When exactly all these changes will be implemented in the production of the Chinese do not report.

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