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Sept. 25, 2020

Tesla Model S electric car is produced since 2014. During this time it has hardly changed visually, but has become much more powerful and reasonable. The next stage of hatchback development in the form of a modification of Plaid (translated as "scary" in the slang), became known about a year ago. During this time, the prototypes of the novelties were caught more than once on the most famous routes of the planet, and the other day Ilon Mask confirmed the launch of the model in a series. You can place a pre-order on the official site of the manufacturer now, leaving a refundable deposit of thousands of dollars. The price of the car itself in the USA will be at least $139 900.

Teslam's competitors are more and more often enrolled in Lucid Air's electric car. He really has something to show - the other day the representatives of the startup reported about passing the lap Laguna Seca for 1:33. But the Plaid version already has the answer - 1:30.3.

In configurator Plaid does not differ from relatives. The starting price tag will include a car with a white body on 19-inch wheels. For other shades will be asked from $ 1500. The surcharge for Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine 21-inch disks is $4500.

If the images on the official website of the company are true, the engineers of the new modification managed to defeat the problem of overheating the battery. The presence of such overheating could be judged by the increased air intake in the front bumper. However, those machines were tested in combat mode on a fairly long Nurburgring, and civilian modifications can simply introduce a software limitation on the prolonged use of peak power.

The characteristics of the Model S Plaid version were known in advance, but still cause some anxiety. For the first time, the five-door will receive three electric motors (one at the front, two at the back), which guarantee the output of more than 1115 hp. From a place up to 100 km/h such modification jumps in less than two seconds, and a quarter of a mile will be covered in less than nine. The maximum speed is limited to 322 km/h. The new traction battery will provide a range of 837 km. Of course, you will have to choose: the speaker or the distance. There is also bad news. Delivery terms have shifted again and are now scheduled for the end of 2021.

The default interior is black with carbon plastic inserts. Replacing the upholstery in white or a version with sand leather and veneer elements will cost $ 1500. There is nothing new in the equipment. The full autopilot is still available as an option for $8000.

By the way, the name Plaid team Mask inspired by the film "Space Eggs" in 1987 - an American parody of Mel Brooks on the saga of George Lucas "Star Wars". From there, the current versions of the Model S migrated to the maximum traction mode Ludicrous. In addition to announcing the novelty, the head of the company promised the appearance of the model in the next three years at a price of $ 25 000. This will be possible due to development and cheapening of battery technologies. Besides, the entrepreneur announced his plans to reach the production level of 20 million cars per year. For comparison, last year Volkswagen Group produced 11 million cars.

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