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Aug. 17, 2020

Ilon Mask just hinted that the long-awaited version of the Tesla Model S Plaid is not far off. For the record lap at the Nurburgring the model will fight with electric car Porsche Taycan.

Earlier this week on Twitter, the CEO of Tesla published a picture of Herbert Ruggles Tarlek Jr. from the TV series "Radio Cincinnati". The character in the photo, played by actor Frank Bonner, wears a plaid suit, and Ilon Mask writes underneath it: "One day, I'll be wearing this outfit soon.»

It seems quite obvious that Musk refers to the upcoming version of the Model S with the maximum power reserve on one charge or a version of the Model X Plaid. This has led to rumours that the Tesla may present the Plaid Model S and Model X at the upcoming Battery Day event, scheduled for September 22. If both models do make their debut at the show, you can be sure that Tesla fans will be delighted.

The truth is that the audience has been waiting for the release of the Plaid model for quite some time. Last year Mask began to push the Model S Plaid aggressively, promising that it would break the lap record of the electric sedan Porsche Taycan at the Nurburgring. Within about four weeks of this announcement, many prototypes of the Model S were seen on the famous racetrack.

The Tesla Plaid will be equipped with three electric motors, but it is not yet clear whether the car's 100 kWh battery will be upgraded in any way. Nevertheless, the Tesla Plaid models will be exceptionally fast and will definitely be able to leave all its competitors far behind.

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