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Dec. 1, 2020

Girl with Valet Mode remotely lowered the windows of the stolen car, turned on a sound signal and even slowed down, as a result, the hijackers could not withstand such "mockery" and dropped the electric car.

Australian radio host and owner of an electric car Tesla Model 3, Annabelle Brett, got into an unpleasant and funny story about her car being stolen at the same time.

Rano in the morning, Brett received a notice on his phone that the alarm was triggered in the car, after which she found that the electric car stolen from the garage. The woman decided to use the Tesla mobile app to find out where her stolen car was, and then called the police and went with her to pick up the carjackers.

Brett knew that the Sentry Mode feature was activated in the electric car, which allows you to record everything that happens to the electric car, and the hostess used other remote access features to slow down the hijackers.

Girl with Valet Mode remotely lowered the glass, turned on the beep at full power and even reduced the speed of the car.

In the end, the hijackers could not stand such "bullying" threw an electric car, and one of them even dropped his driver's license in a hurry.

Taking this into account, as well as the fact that both hijackers were caught on the footage of the electric car cameras, the police found them on hot tracks and arrested them.

Remember, earlier we wrote that Tesla with autopilot dodged the flying wheel. The wheel that flew out of the oncoming lane flew a bounce-back, and after the Tesla Model 3 driver managed to react and bypass the obstacle, it flew further, miraculously not catching the cars that were following.

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