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The biggest SUV from Volkswagen

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Aug. 3, 2020

German company Volkswagen will soon present a serial version of its largest crossover. At the moment the car is assigned the factory index VM416. According to the portal "New Cars", the novelty is based on the flagship model Teramont /Atlas. It is already possible to look at a new crossover - photos were published by authoritative edition Autohome. From appearance we shall note similarity with concept car Volkswagen SMV - this prototype was shown in China in spring 2019.

We should note a very interesting design of the grille, as well as the design of the headlights - in this case, the designers did not get too caught up with the lights. In general, the car has received a fairly strict silhouette, and in the rear part we will note two exhaust pipes in the form of a trapezoid, as well as a spoiler on the trunk door. The interior of the new crossover is very modern - it has a fully digital dashboard, a separate touch screen for climate control, a large screen of the multimedia system, as well as an electronic gearbox.

It is already known that the length of VW416 is 5 100 mm, which is 61 mm more than that of Teramont, and the distance between the axes will reach 3 100 mm.

The engine range will consist of two power units - 2.0-liter TSI with an output of 220 hp, as well as 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, capable of producing 299 hp. In both cases, a pair of engines will make up a proprietary robotic DSG7 transmission. For an extra fee the crossover system of a full drive is supposed. As well as the flagman is supposed, the car will receive the big set of electronics and assistants to the driver.

Buyers can count on adaptive cruise control, climate control for 3 zones, systems of prevention of frontal collisions, blind zone monitoring and strip control. There is also a function of automatic headlight control, all-around cameras and a spectacular panoramic roof with a sunroof. The premiere of the new crossover is expected in the near future, and its sales will begin this autumn.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen continues road trials of the new minibus Volkswagen Transporter. The tests are held on the roads in the Austrian Alps. It is noteworthy that for comparison, the car is tested in pairs with the current version of Transporter.

Source: Carsweek.

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