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Aug. 13, 2020

BMW published the official teaser of the model called M3 Touring, from which the whole history of compact "emotions" was carefully revealed. The announcement took place just a few hours after the publication of the insiders' data that the project was really given the green light.

The Bavarians never confessed to what prompted them to decide to expand the range of M3 bodies now. The official report says only about "justifying the hopes of all those who want to bring to the limit the combination of sports characteristics and everyday practicality characteristic of the M3". What exactly the "sports characteristics" will consist of is also not specified yet.

The thing is that we can't expect the premiere of M3 Touring together with the debut of "emki" in the sedan body, which is scheduled for September. In Munich, it is particularly noted that the project is at an early stage of development and warned that soon at the Nurburgring will be possible to see the first prototypes of the future supermarket. But the serial version of it is promised to be shown no sooner than in two years.

Anyway, the five-door promised both a recognizable design, as well as the characteristic settings of the chassis, and the branded three-liter "six". It is possible that the BMW M3 Touring, as well as the sedan, will be released in two versions - deformed with a mechanical gearbox and more powerful with a rifle. Of course, if the results of the experiment, which BMW is preparing to put over the sedan, the manufacturer will satisfy.

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