Ukraine plans to increase fine

Ukraine plans to increase fines for speeding.

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June 25, 2020

Ukraine plans to increase fines for speeding.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has prepared a draft law to increase the amount of fines for speeding, the proposed amount is UAH 3,400 of the fine for exceeding 50 km/hour.

This was announced by Deputy Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

"If a person exceeds 50 km/h, he must pay 127.5 UAH within 10 days, if more than 50 km/h - 510 UAH (according to the current legislation - Ed.). We have prepared a draft law to make the figure much bigger, 3400 hryvnias for those who exceeded by more than 50 km/h," Herashchenko said.

He added that he advocates that Ukraine should be like Finland or Switzerland, where the amount of the fine comes from a percentage of income.

"We have some heads of state companies, for example, who receive 10 million hryvnias each. If the fine is 2% of the income, it is already 200 thousand hryvnias for speeding. And then it will be serious, and will not want to violate it. This is an ideal option, and we will gradually come to it," Herashchenko said. "Fines, of course, do not correspond to the problem. We must raise the upper threshold of the fine," said Gerashchenko.

According to him, 50 cameras for automatic recording of violations are now installed in Ukraine, and within two years it is planned to install about 1 thousand cameras throughout Ukraine.

"In total, the system is designed for 6 thousand cameras, it stores information for months, and anyone who receives a fine can see where he has violated. We connect all banks to it, and if a person agrees with what he has violated, he can pay off his smartphone in 30 seconds. Our goal is not to raise money, but to be safe on the roads," explained the deputy interior minister.

Commenting on the replica that fines at automatic fixation are written on the owners, not the drivers, Herashchenko said: "The car, like a weapon, is a means of increased danger. If a person has a permit for a rifle, he should keep it in his possession, keep an eye on it, and at hunting he can give it to someone only in his presence".

He added that if owners entrust their car to someone, then another driver must also have good driving skills and not break the rules.

"If I give my car to someone, and he commits a violation and I get fines, then I will tell him: either stop violating or here, take it and pay, send him a QR code, let him pay. If he refuses, then I'll just return the car, why do I need it," said Herashchenko.

Deputy Minister allows attempts to appeal such fines in courts, in particular, to the Constitutional Court, because the responsibility is received not by the violator but by the owner.

"But this is not a criminal process, which requires proof of guilt of a particular person without any doubt. Our task is to reduce the number of victims on the roads, and car owners should understand who they give them to," added Gerashchenko.

He said that from July 1, the country will launch other functions of the automatic locking system: they will start to control the passage of intersections to the red light and driving in the lane for public transport. As previously reported, on June 1, cameras that record traffic violations, the first cameras were installed in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

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