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Ford came up with a way to get rid of window foggi

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Jan. 19, 2021

The Ford engineers have presented a solution to the problem of fogging windows in cars. They have created a special system called the Windscreen Weather Station to protect against condensation, which automatically activates when moisture is detected in the air in the cabin and keeps the windshield clear.

The Windscreen Weather Station is a compact 5cm by 3cm box to be installed on the windshield next to the rearview mirror. Thanks to a number of sensors, it's able to detect moisture in the air and control the air conditioning while choosing the best setting.

In addition, Ford says it also lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by better utilization of the climate system compressor.

In the Windscreen Weather Station promo video, the American brand focused on sports fans, for whom the development will be particularly useful. When the driver sits in the car after outdoor activities, his rapid breathing leads to fogging of windows, noted Ford. The device has already been installed on crossovers Ford Kuga and Explorer. It is not known whether it is sold separately.

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