Lend your own car in Kiev

EARN PROFIT with Na Drive!

Passive income starting 30% yearly from the value of the car. We will take full care of your car:

From each rental, the car owner gets 70%.

Lending your car starts with:

  1. You provide a car or we search for a car for investment.
  2. We carry out technical diagnostics and inspection of the car.
  3. We sign an agreement to rent your car.
  4. We install the GPS tracker in a car.
  5. We get full car insurance.
  6. We start promoting your car:
    • Taking photos
    • Posting it to our website
    • Shooting a video review
  7. Your car is out on hire.

What is the investment appeal of having a car for lend?

What do you need to rent out your car?

  1. A car.
  2. Insurance in the form of MTPL, CASCO (we help with drawing up).
  3. A set of winter and summer tires.
  4. Maintenance costs (charged from income).
  5. Subscription fee for GPS tracker (charged from income).

An example of the income from one of our cars for one year.

This income should be treated like a bank deposit, but with a higher interest rate. Let's take, for example, a 2015 Ford Focus bought in Kiev (Ukraine), which investor decided to rent out in Kiev in October of 2019 for $11,700.

Preparing the vehicle for rent:

  1. First quarter insurance payment (6%) - $175.5
  2. Mandatory insurance - $50
  3. Purchase of winter tires - $200 - $200
  4. Extra key - $50
  5. Oil and fluids change - $50
  6. Replacing front brake pads - $40
  7. GPS tracker installation - $150

Total: $12,415.5

Sum up for the year:

Expenses for the year:

Profit (before tax) for the year:

Requirements for the car to rent out:

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